9 Apr 2010

FAQ About Time Travel

Director: Gareth Carrivick
Cast: Chris O’Dowd, Anna Faris, Marc Wooton
Year: 2009
Genre: Comedy
Cinema-Reader – 7.2
IMDB – 7.2
FilmAffinity – 6.6

Cinema-Reader Synopsis:
Whilst drinking in their habitual pub, a group of 3 outcasts made up of a guy obsessed with time travelling (Chris O’Dowd), a frustrated scripwriter full of lousy ideas within his brain and a guy which main concern is to drink as much pints as possible; find a time hole in the toilet that will make them leap back and forward in time with no control.
Helped by a hottie time-leaks official came straight from future (Anna Faris), they will try to come back to their regular lives and time frame avoiding futuristic psycho killers, uncertain future situations and encounters with their past and future selves.
Cinema-Reader Review:

FAQ... is a smart comedy about time travel based on a chain of actions that will lead the starring (among which is the funny Irishman Chris O’Dowd known for his work on "IT Crowd" or "The boat that rocked" and the "Scary Movie" actress Anna Faris) to tricky situations with continuous leaps in time.
Nowadays comedies just look for a loud laugh among the audience; however this comedy tries to get (and gets indeed) a smile through the entire movie, with hilarious situations but with no silly humour (as the crap saw on such lousy films as "Scary Movie", "Spanish Movie" or all those "Bullshit Movies"...). Something to be happy of.

Low budgeted movie that works around a superb idea, with ups and downs but worth to be seen if what you are looking for is a different and fresh comedy in the same line of the unclassified and awesomely hilarious "Shaun of the Dead".

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