6 Apr 2010

Clash of the Titans

Director: Louis Leterrier
Cast: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton
Year: 2010
Genre: Action
Cinema-Reader – 5.2
IMDB – 6.7
FilmAffinity – 5.3

Cinema-Reader Synopsis:
Gods oversee human from the Olympus with a sense of disappointment. What Zeus (Liam Neeson) figured out when creating human kind is vanishing due to a growing feeling among mortals that Gods forsaken them long time ago.

This defying behaviour will cause Gods rage encouraged by Zeus’ brother’s tricks, Hades (Ralph Fiennes), who’s hiding second plans for human race and for his own brother Zeus.
However Perseus (Sam Worthington), a demi-god son of Zeus raised as a fisherman, will start a journey going all the way to hell in order to stop the fury unleashed by Titans over the city of Argos.

Cinema-Reader Review:
I define myself as an action kind of guy when talking about cinema. I do enjoy as a kid all actions movies with a sustainable plot. Coz I reckon a decent story is as important as frenetic and jaw dropping action scenes.
Something this movie lacks at all.
For all those who saw in a first place back in the 80’s the original Clash of the Titans, here is my piece of advice; try to erase out of your mind the idea of a remake which at least equal what we saw (at least I did) in that classy movie. Much more X effects but with an absolute gap in the plot.
A waste of a great story based in the always handy Greek mythology which has already risen in boxes worldwide same money that spent when filmed.
That means a fuck to me.
I felt like throwing away an entire evening (and 22 € of my pocket) on a movie with a disjointed script. Even more in a pointless 3D... (I should have followed the advice I read on TOTAL FILM Magazine that highlighted the 3D version was made against the watch with no a great outcome).
By the way, any of ye guys agree with me about how Sam Worthington plays in exactly the same way as in Terminator 4: Salvation?
Shame on my, I had forgotten robots in the far future acts in the same way like a demi-god in the ancient Greek civilization... He even keeps the same hair cut, quite suitable for that period of time...

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