18 Jan 2010

----------GOLDEN GLOBES 2010----------

Once again, and with the arrival of the New Year, film industry suits up in order to congratulate all those movies that have surprised us, entertained us and above all make us fully enjoy the wonders of this art.

Foremost the Golden Globes. What are considered as the little bro of Oscars, they are used as predictor for how Oscar will go on.

It is difficult to rate whether or not Golden Globes are more, less or as fair as Oscar are. Controversial will always come along.

Different opinions, as wide as the assortment of categories Golden Globes offers.

Best Motion Picture (Drama and Musical or Comedy), Best Director, Best Actor and Actress (Drama and Musical or Comedy)… are just some of the categories just regarding film as also TV is acknowledge on this ceremony.

This year Avatar can be considered as the winner.

James Cameron high-budgeted blockbuster has achieved the success in main categories, Best Motion Picture-Drama as well as Best Director (Cameron himself) as happened 10 years ago with the all time remembered Titanic.

However, and is something has to be highlighted of this years ceremony, could be the low quality of the movies in contest.

As a proof, The Hangover, a real fun and in certain way different comedy, made the way up to the top of the rank within Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy.

More than one included the one subscribing, claims when knowing this acknowledgement.

Don’t get me wrong. I did have a craic with this fresh approach to the comedy genre. However, Best Motion Picture? What the hell!!!

Ain’t that surprising after looking into all other contestants. It’s Complicated, Julie and Julia (both with the superb Maryl Steep), Nine (even more tedious that Chicago) and 500 days of Summer; the one I’d have bet for before owing brings a fresh reboot of rom-com genre.

However, not everything is as bad as it looks.

There are other categories is do reckon they are well deserved, not only for the awarded indeed but for the high quality of the rest of nominees.

For Best Performance by an actor in a Supporting Role there is no discussion.

Christoph Waltz is more that a fair winner with his role of a Nazi Official in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. His performance of the cultivated as well as merciless Nazi Commander is a new proof that European cinema have nothing to envy for to American. Even more, and after having a look to the other category I consider on the standard of quality enough onto this year’s Golden Globe ceremony, should be in the other way round.

The level set by Baaria (Italy), Broken Embraces (Spain), A prophet (France), The Maid (Chile) and the winner The white Ribbon (Germany), should push American industry to a deep self reflection of towards the cinema is going nowadays.

Nothing good can be accomplished if the efforts of the producers and directors are focused on X effects (no offence as I enjoyed Avatar) instead of the real ground in which any movie should be linen, the script.

If all scripts are weak and with no background further than the overused topics unfortunately we are get used to, any endeavour on actors side is completely useless.

Otherwise, which is the explanation Sandra Bullock shows up on Best Performance by an actress and actually gets the award? Are we fucked up?

How a woman that is barely able to move a single muscle of all those 300 we have on the face because of the excessive usage of Botox can even be beard in mind for a nomination of something but a Razzie or even imprisonment???

Cecil B. DeMille Award

Martin Scorsese

Best Motion Picture


Comedy or Musical


The Hangover

Best Director

James Cameron (Avatar)

Best Performance by an Actor


Comedy or Musical

Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)

Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes)

Best Performance by an Actress


Comedy or Musical

Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)

Meryl Steep (Julie & Julia)

Best Performance by an actor in a Supporting Role

Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Mo’nique (Precious)

Best Animated Feature Film


Best Foreign Language Film

The White Ribbon (Germany)

Best Screenplay

Up in the Air

Best Original Song

The Weary Kind (Crazy Heart)

For further information about the Golden Globes and the ceremony; click here

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