2 May 2010

Kick Ass

Director: Mathew Vaughn

Cast: Aaron Jonhson, Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz

Year: 2010

Genre: Action


Cinema-Reader – 7.9
IMDB – 8.4
FilmAffinity – 7.2

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Cinema-Reader Synopsis:

Why none has tried to be a super hero ever before?
This is what Dave (Aaron Johnson) has always wondered. He’s a commonly known as an outcast. His social life at high school can be summarized with never ending discussions about action comics with his equally nerd friends.
Until one day, a reckless idea comes up to his mind, become a super hero.
However his very first encounter with the crime will have an ending never expected as well as wished by the brand new world saviour.
Despite his first slip, Dave gets even more determined to achieve his lifetime dream. It’s then when he’ll discover that in fact there are real super heroes out there that struggle the bad guys with no fear and hesitation, such Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big Daddy (Cage); as well as merciless villains with no scruples as Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong) that rules the city with heavy hand.

Cinema-Reader Review:
Another Marvel comic brought to the big scream. However now ain’t a classy such Superman or X-Men. This time is a comic newly released (just 2 years ago) which rights to bring it as a motion picture were sold even before to the comic was published.
Lately is quite common to find just with a simple eyesight a Marvel superhero on the scream as Batman (brought by Christopher Nolan), Iron Man or unfortunately the remake (the death) of Superman.
However this brand new kind of superhero brings along a new looking glass that update totally the genre. With no gadgets, no remarkable skills, no appeal at all and no powers or whatsoever but a imagination full of bullshits and banal ideas of how a hero should be, a guy closer to a nerd rather than the stereotype of the regular superhero, renew this genre that became typecast with the handsome secret identity of a powerful crime fighter.
The action scenes are awesomely filmed with a fast and effective move of the hand shot camera with a clear influence of Tarantino’s style, perfectly accompanied with a good choice on the sound track.
Great movie, that without being the finest movie ever on its genre (Nolan’s Batman is and will be my weakness), makes you fancy the world surrounding comic heroes.Parental advice: do not try to be superhero at home.

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