14 Dec 2009

-----501 MUST-SEE MOVIES-----

December. Christmas time is coming upon us.

That means time for editorial to launch new releases in what can be considered as the most prolific period for sales.

Loads of books aims at cinema are now on the bookcases of all libraries all around the world.

Books with different topics, ideas, styles. However all with a common denominator: the 7th Art.

And here I come with my last purchase, and in this case is not a DVD to place among my already enormous collection. A book. Yes, this is me buying a book.

Do not panic. I haven’t made up my mind. I’ll always wait for a book made movie.

However just the title of this book attract my attention despite is not something new.

“501 must-see movies”.

A list that displays what can be deemed as the top 501 movies ever made so far.

A list classified by genre, in chronological order according to opinion of 5 well-known critics within the film industry.

Despite I do not agree with some titles included, there is something great within this book. Choices go further than box, or even awards.

Writers picked some movies that you’d never include in this list because you might be pretty sure film archives are plenty of films better than the one included. However, and this is the great point of it, these movies has been placed within this list because they has been a starting point in cinema.

They supposed a change in the way a genre was made. What could have been of adventure and Sci-fi genre without Matrix and his image capture techniques?

This is a clear example of how this list has been carried out. Matrix is not the best Sci-fi movie ever, but however created a precedent that has been used, sometimes overused, afterwards.

Other movies have been included just for the fact they are masterpieces. Spartacus, Ben-Hur, Metropolis, Cleopatra, Lord of the Ring, The odd couple, It’s a wonderful life, The bicycle thief, Night of living dead, Roman Holiday, Out of Africa, Seven, The Dirty Dozen or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

However, and as said before, there are others I don’t agree at all.

Ruling out such a great movies as The Bridge on the River Kwai, A man called Horse or either old-style or brand-new The Bourne Identity whilst ruling in such bullshit as Austin Powers, The Mummy, A.I. and Troy can be considered just as a slip-up…Nothing is perfect…

Here you can find the entire list. Check it our and make up your own opinion.


Enjoy it.

“501 must-see movies”

Bountry Books Ed.


(PVP 9.99 €)


Javi said...

Hey Franklin! Is Life of Brian among them? one of my favourites without question

Fran G.R. said...

Ain't among them... However I do agree is a classic comedy I never get bored of seeing over and over.Sorry about that Javi.