11 Jan 2011


 Three different people: Marie (Cécile de France) a successful French journalist that survived the tsunami Indonesia, George (Matt Damon) a blue collar worker able to connect with the afterlife and Markus (George McLaren) a 12 year-old schoolboy that lost his twin brother in a hit-and-run. However they all share a drama without even know it. A touch by the death in three different ways that will end up making their worlds fall apart as they knew it so far.

Although this is not the finest Eastwood piece, and after reading endless reviews that panned the lack of speed of the film, I might say I wasn't disappointed at all. Not even a bit.
All those who were expecting Damon beating asses as in Invictus or the acid sense of humour seen in Gran Torino, are wrong just criticizing Hereafter.
Its clear that the great Eastwood sees "the time" approaching...
Anyway, different topics, different ways to shot a film.

Director: Clint Eastwood

Cast: Matt Damon - Cécile de France - Bryce Dallas Howard

Year: 2010 USA

Genre: Drama / Fantastic

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