2 Mar 2010

A Single Man

Director: Tom Ford

Cast: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Nicholas Hoult, Mathew Goode

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama


Cinema-Reader – 8.0
IMDB – 8.0
FilmAffinity – 7.2

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Cinema-Reader Synopsis:

George (Colin Firth) is being drowned in a life full of sorrows and loneliness since his lover Jim (Mathew Goode) passed away in a car accident.

For him, life is no longer worth living, and therefore he prepares himself to join his beloved boyfriend in the afterlife with a suicide.

However, when life couldn’t seem more pointless and dark; is when one of George’s students, Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), shows up changing radically his point of view about future and fate.

Cinema-Reader Review:

Technically a beauty for all senses, the very first raid into film industry of Tom Ford (fashion guru that boosted Gucci’s back in the 90’s placing its name once again within the Olympus of top fashion brands) left a work full of details that labels the viewer with a feeling of perfection in every frame that makes all candidatures on Academy Awards this year more than deserved. This perfection is clearly featured on the suits and clothes, and the obsession of Ford with the human beauty transmitted by the eyes, lips, gestures…

Plus, Colin Firth is on with his all time finest performance of a tormented medium age man seeking desperately for an exit of a world completely unbearable for him which dark and hopeless vision of future is changed by the appearance of a young, lively and adventurous Kenny (Hoult).

However, regular public has a division in opinions regarding the film. Although by moments a bit slow, I do believe this is the right speed for driving this esthetical master piece. An upper gear would have messed up the detailed way in which was shot that contains indeed the full beauty of this film.

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