18 Feb 2010

The Wolfman

Director: Joe Johnston

Cast: Benicio de Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving

Year: 2010

Genre: Horror / Thriller


Cinema-Reader – 6.3
IMDB – 6.6
FilmAffinity – 5.4

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Cinema-Reader Synopsis:

Lawrence Talbot (Del Toro) is forced to be back in his hometown after immigrating to the United States for the fatal and upon uncertain reasons lose of his brother.

Determined to find out who’s the responsible for his brother brutal death and urged by some feeling that blossom towards his brother’s fiancĂ©e Gwen (Emily Blunt), he ends up being beaten by a strange creature and thereafter carrying with a curse that transforms him into a Wolf man during full moon nights. Hunter becomes hunted.

Cinema-Reader Review:

New approach to the horror classic that unfortunately doesn’t bring anything new to former films.
The main reason to be blame for is the script.
A screenplay too straightforward that flights over the characters without even dive within the complexity of a man hunted by his own nightmares due to a tough childhood (mother assassination included) or a father with more than a secret to hide played by the always enigmatic and more than suitable for dark characters Anthony Hopkins.

It’s difficult to get some good from a film that bases all the interest over the shoulders of the visual effects (a bit shoddy by the way) ruling out anything else.
After the advertising and marketing campaign launched in order to promote this film, after a promising trailer that I must confess got my attention; a sensation of something good (not even great) was about to come seems now a hoax.

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