22 Dec 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Director: Spike Jonze

Cast: Max Records, Catherine Keener, Pepita Emmerichs, Mark Ruffalo

Year: 2009

Genre: Fantasy


Cinema-Reader – 7.4
IMDB – 7.8
FilmAffinity – 6.8

Cinema-Reader Synopsis:

Max (Max Records) is a lonely and imaginative child living within a mono-parental family looking desperately for an exit to the world he has to live into. And is after a discussion with her beloved mother (
Catherine Keener) when in a getaway wearing his wolf custom finds himself in a world full of magic, 3 meter-tall and peaceful monsters in which he ends up being the king.

Beside living in a perfect kingdom with his new friends such as Carol, Ira or Douglas; he will soon discover than there is something growing deep on his heart that urges him to go back home.

Cinema-Reader Review:

Spike Jonze adapts Maurice Sendak’s classic children story where Max (superbly played by newcomer Max Records), a lonely child with a powerful and imaginative mind, shelters himself from reality into a world populated by kind-hearted creatures.

Touching film that tries to spread this classic tale aim at children to an adult audience.

And Jonze actually got it with a well driven direction and through his well-known skills in the usage of speed-movement of the camera gained during his period onto video clip industry (check as examples works with Beastie Boys, Bjork or Chemical Brothers).

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