2 Dec 2009

New Moon, The Twilight Saga

Director: Chris Weitz

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner, Michael Sheen

Year: 2009

Genre: Romance


Cinema-Reader – 4.9
IMDB – 4.6
FilmAffinity – 5.7

Cinema-Reader Synopsis:

After vampires attack suffered by Bella (Kristen Stewart) and a nasty incident during her birthday party, Edward (Robert Pattison) realized that keeping her aside from his world will be a tough task. Therefore, he takes a harsh call deciding to keep her far from him in order to avoid jeopardize her life.
However, she does not see that in the same way, falling into a deep sorrow that will disturb her dreams since then.

What seemed to be impossible, Edward showing up again into Bella’s life; did happen caused by a misunderstanding. However, this will lead both to deal with something against their unnatural and strong love.

Cinema-Reader Review:

I don’t get what people see on this movie and the whole saga though.
Starting since minute 1 I already had a weird sensation going around. Somehow I found myself being stuck on the seat, when I should have been running down the aisle heading the emergency exit.
However and against what seemed reasonably, I stood still until the end of a movie basically made to raise money on the blockbuster robbing straight from teen’s pockets. Because this film is aimed to they and all those which their lineal thinking avoids see what´s on in the cinema besides crap and rubbish.

The starring couple; no words… What a deathly dull performance…
And the dude that used well every second on screen to show his “six-pack”…

Haven’t seen such a lousy movie in a long while. Check out the rates. No further comments regarding this.

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