11 Oct 2009


Director: Pete Docter / Bob Peterson

Cast: Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai

Year: 2009

Genre: Animation


Cinema-Reader – 8.7

IMDB – 8.6

FilmAffinity – 8.2

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Cinema-Reader Synopsis:

Carl Fredricksen is a seventy something year-old man which life has fallen into boredom and sadness right after his beloved wife did pass away. Their all time dream had been to settle themselves into an idyllic place in one of the farthest and unexplored places in the planet.

When Mr. Fredricksen finds himself and his house in jeopardy, he decides to take that dream further, packing all his belongings, including the house, and fulfil with this dream flying away towards this place.
However, he won't be doing this trip on his own. Russell, a junior Wilderness looking desperately for his last badge in order to become a Senior Wilderness will be alongside him.

Both will carry out their lifetime adventure, with talking dogs, bizarre birds and Mr. Fredricken's childhood hero turned into their evil enemy.

Cinema-Reader Review:

When Pixar seemed not able to better itself after awesome movie such Wall-E, Finding Nemo or Monster Inc; they show up with UP, a movie aim at children and not that children.
Not only is different, but spiky movie with an outstanding screenplay that fits into what Walt Disney though must have every good film; one tear for every laugh caused.

It won’t be a surprise if around February we see UP among all candidates into Oscar’s ceremony awards, and not only included within Animated Film contest. All my money goes for Best Original Screenplay.

And this could be the following brick placed in the building that Toy Story started already in 1995, the building of the computer-animated films. With titles like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wall-E, Planet 51 (incoming in following dates) or UP itself, the traditional hand-made picture film industry will be left out into a secondary background, although efforts on Disney’s side with films like The Princess and the Frog (pending of date of release).

Great movie. Probably one of the best of this year.
We will see if able to make history...

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